In the today’s technology-driven world, expanding customer reach from the immediate surroundings of businesses to anywhere in the world is one of the initial promises of e-commerce.

E-commerce has become mainstream in people’s daily lives with profound benefits of doing online purchase. There is huge growth potential for online business and you must incorporate e-commerce into your business growth strategy.

New companies have realized the demand potential for e-commerce services. As a result, requiring the establishment of an online presence and moving core business operations online.

The e-commerce portal ensures that processes essential for business governance are always performed in accordance with required checks. It optimise the flow of information throughout order processing, Payments, service delivery steps.

It’s a great place for buyers purchase from anywhere anytime. e-commerce drastically reduces costs of operations. This allows businesses to transfer some of these onward to price-sensitive customers since warehouses are no longer restricted to certain geographic locations. e-commerce business services providers located virtually anywhere in the world.

Unlike traditional retail, your e-commerce store can be up and running very quickly, so its fast Go-to-Market. The hosting of e-commerce store, platform maintenance are taken care by technology partners and you start selling your products online.


Following are the benefits of e-commerce Portal:-

  • Convenience - Purchase from anywhere anytime. The accessibility of an e-commerce store is promises 24/7 with no downtim/closing time.
  • Mobile-adaptive e-commerce stores provides enhanced customer experience with their e-commerce retail apps for customers.
  • Marketing digitally - Reach out potential customers through digital marketing efforts in the right strategies on multiple social media platform.
  • Cost Effective - e-commerce drastically reduces costs of operations and manage to transfer the cost benifits to price-sensitive customers.
  • Improved Consumer Experiences - Consumers are usually in search of product offers at very affordable or discount prices.
  • Ease of managing your Business - Use a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments anywhere you go.
  • Fast Go-to-Market Time - Your e-commerce store can be up and running quickly.
  • Sell on a Global Scale - Using a single platform to sell products online to anyone, anywhere with your e-commerce store.
  • Customer Data Analysis – Customer data collected from online selling allow you have a constant feedback to innovate your customer experience.
Idoss Tech

Why IDOSS e-commerce ?

  • IDOSS e-commerce solutions are scalable and customizable as per your business needs and as your business grows with additional utility and functionalities.
  • All our e-commerce stores are search-engine optimized, enhanced design to have fast loading speeds along with enhanced user experience.
  • IDOSS e-commerce solutions is not just full of features to support your business, we also support the setup to ensure smooth implementation and operation, so you focus more on business.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing services to drive traffic and increase customer’s footfall.
  • We take care of hosting, PCI compliance, platform maintenance, and more for all our e-commerce stores.

Configuration and setting

  • Language Setup
  • Currency Setup
  • Shipping zones, Applicable Rates and Discounts Rules
  • Payment Options and account settings
  • Manage tax applicability and rates percentage
  • Email Configuration for store email addresses and order acknowledgement
Configuration and setting
Content & SEO Management

Content & SEO Management

  • Home Pager Banners
  • Connect for all sections
  • Navigations across web portals
  • Fully WYSIWYG editor
  • Congigure and Manage all dynamic title tag structure for the website
  • SEO enabled – category, product, Per-image alt text and description.

Catalogue Management

  • Product profile with all Category & Sub–Categories attributes & Images.
  • Advanced product filtering while browsing multiple products together.
  • Multiple images for products, options for reviews, wish lists and more.
  • Image galleries with Zoom Light Box options for showing every images of the products, Share photos between products.
  • Upload an unlimited number of photos, thumbnails on product pages.
Catalogue Management
Product Management

Product Management

  • Minimum and maximum order quantities
  • Bulk discount quantity pricing
  • Bulk export/import of product items with their attributes
  • Create and assign brands/manufacturers
  • Product reviews & comments
  • Specify cost price and see profit reports
  • Specify product weight & Enable free shipping on a per-product basis

Product search & Cart Management

  • A detail product Search by its featured attributes such as Type, Categories, sub-categories, Product Name, Brand Name, Price Range, location etc.
  • User select product from search result to view the details and add to the cart to place order.
  • Multiple product can be added to the cart and Apply promotional discounts & coupons.
  • Apply shipping charges based on shipping details.
  • Complete order view with items, quantity, price, discounts, applicable tax and total payable amount.
  • Customer final order review and checkout for payment.
  • Once payment made, Order confirmations sent by email.
Product search & Cart Management
Order Management

Order Management

  • Complete order view with items, quantity, price, discounts, applicable tax and total payable amount.
  • Auto order creation based on cart submitted with billing address and shipping address.
  • Auto Email order confirmation to customers
  • Options to create orders through admin area (if required)
  • Create multiple invoices shipments and credit memos

Discount & Promotion Management

  • Create and manage discount codes
  • Add discount codes to categories, brand or products
  • Ability to set percentages off, amount off or a set price
  • Set number of times code can be used before automatically becoming inactive
  • Loyalty Programs - Create and manage discounts coupons
Discount & Promotion Management
Analytical Reporting

Analytical Reporting

  • Interactive administrative dashboard with charts and statistics
  • Store sales by order volumn or amount (filter based on date range)
  • New customers vs. returning
  • Top selling products
  • Top selling brands
  • Inventory Report - Low inventory reporting
  • Inventory Reports - Total products in store
  • Customer Reports – New customers, Customer wise orders count/volume etc.