Keeping employee information manually consumes a lot of time. HRM software takes away the load of this manual task of information updation and maintenance. This saves time and improves efficiency and enhance overall productivity of the company.

The HR management solution would enable you to automate the HR aspects of the company and at the same time minimizing the workload, maximizing the work efficiency and high-end productivity

HRM System ensures and capture all important and useful information details regarding every aspect of HR. Every employee information is brought under one roof in a unified database.

HRM solutions keep complete employee directory and tracking of all information related to them. Information such as employee personal information, educational and previous job experience, Deployment and role history, employee performances, leave details, attendance etc are some of the common activities that the HRM system manages.


In another words, HRM solution track the employee information from day one of joining till leaving the company.

Following are the Benefits of HRM Solutions:-

  • HRM System ensures all employee related important and useful data are captured and maintained in one centralised database.
  • Getting the employees related all informations at one place helps in better effective decision making by the management.
  • HRM system automates the manual process of maintaining employee details. This improves efficiency and productivity of the HR team.
  • HRM solution software certainly helps and minimizes the risk of data security issues of the company by maintaining data in centralised place.
  • Improved Reporting and minimize human error - resulting in high reliable data availability.
  • Reduce the manual efforts, so you can focus more on your business. This helps in data accuracy and transparency during performance reviews.
  • Improves HR team operational performance and reduces the turnaround times.
Idoss Tech


  • Scalable and customizable solutions can be scaled up or down based on your changing organization needs.
  • Works well for both small and mid-sized enterprises.
  • Consolidated view of all employee records including personal, employment, Leave, attendance & more.
  • Provided role based access and workflow management to the integrated modules.
  • Analytical Reporting for employee and their performance.
  • Continuous improvement with new features and made available to all existing setups.
  • As the Business ERP is hosted on cloud, we offer subscription based simple plans with affordable pricing.
  • The solution is not just full of features to support your business, we also support the setup to ensure smooth implementation and operation.

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Business HRM Implementation Process

IDOSS HRM system comes with several features such as Employee Database, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Performance Appraisal, and Employee Timesheet for effective management of the human resource. The key modules are

Employee Information

  • Employee Information
  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Employment Details
  • Educational Information
  • Work Experience details
Employee Information
Employee Leave Management

Employee Leave Management

  • Leave application
  • Leave Register
  • Leave summary
  • Leave approval (for reporting managers)
  • Leave Definitions & adjustment (for HR team)
  • Apply Leave by HR (on behalf of employee)

Employee Timesheet Management

  • Employee Timesheet Management
  • Timesheet entry
  • Timesheet approval (by Reporting Manager)
  • Timesheet review for effort spend
  • Project review for effort and status of each task

Employee Timesheet Management
Employee Appraisal

Employee Appraisal

  • Employee KPP definition
  • Appraisal initiation and tracking
  • Self-appraisalHR (by employee)
  • Team Appraisal (by reporting manager)
  • HR Appraisal(By HR team)

Employee Attendance

  • Login based Attendance
  • Integrated with RFID device
Employee Attendance
Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Procedure

  • New Openings
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Interview schedule & status
  • Offer details

Employee Payroll

  • Monthly attendance
  • Monthly adjustments
  • Salary Processing
Employee Payroll
Holiday Calendar

Holiday Calendar

  • Annual Holiday Calendar
  • Holiday definition by HR
  • Scheduling Meetings in Calendar
  • Tracking Meeting scheduled and follow-ups with reminders
  • Tracking activities & follow-ups

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