Inventory Management Solution

An efficient and effective inventory management solution is key to making sure your inventory are managed well and business remains profitable. We try to ease this complicated task with our latest Inventory Management solution.

We have automated the process in our solution to track the exact stock quantity and cost of all the items you have in your store/warehouse, as well as how inventory is moving in and out.

Our physical count process helps to check and maintain the accuracy of your inventory in system. We use most common methods for cycle counting for physical inventory count involves specifying a set of inventory to physically count on periodic basis, and comparing those numbers with the records in your inventory management system.

  • Product Management
  • GRN Process
  • Fulfilment & Shipment
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Inventory Re-Order
  • Location wise Stock Movement and Adjustment
  • Physical Inventory Counts
Store Management

Inventory items are categorized and stored on specified location to help you maintain your inventory more smoothly and optimize the use of your warehouse space. This improves the user experience based on fast- moving or slow-moving items.

Inventory automation Benifits

Key inventory Mgmt. atomation benifits :-
- Planning for optimum quantities of items
- Avoidance of stock-outs and excess stock
- Inventory tracking and tracibility capabilities
- Metrics & Reporting features

Stock Level

You may choose to maintain minimum stock levels in your warehouse and replenishment inventory only when it reaches that minimum threshold level.

GRN Process

The system covers the complete cycle for ordering and receipt of goods, inventory stock requisition based on re-order level and keeping track of what has been ordered, how much, and form whom.